Maths game

In 5/6 FM we all made a maths game that we had to show the probibility behind. Holly an I made a game called Enter anExit. you  have to flip a coin, to get past the first level you have to flip a head’ second level you have to flip a heads an tail. Third is two heads an two tails an the fouth level is three tails and one head.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.58.42 pm    It’s a baby horse





Lost and scared full of fear i don’t know were i am. I feel like running from this horror story called my life.When i walk to school i look at the ground like no bode is there.Scared that they don’t like the way i look. I lost my friends my family my life all for taking money to bye new cloths to make my self feel good. Why did i do it.


              I wrote this story to describe a persons feelings and how   they  feel towards them self. When she looks at the ground there is a reason. This reason is stated in the story. What do you think the reason is.


100% Me poem

100 % me

3% Lazy at home

20%Family that I love

10%Friends that I hang out with

9%Hanging with my pets

8%Over exaggerated

10%Really exhausting

20%Freckles on my face

1%Drawing explicitly

10%Horse riding at my aunts house

9%Running in school cross country races

All together this is 100 % Me



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